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Density Determinations In this lab, we first found the density of rocks, irregular shaped forms. We did this by weighing them on a scale and then measuring how much the water level moved in a graduated cylinder when we put the rocks in. The density of the rocks is the mass divided by the volume. We then found the density of a solution of NaCl and water. We took a given amount of NaCl (for example, 24 g) and enough water to make the solution 100 grams. We measured out 25 mL of the solution and weighed it. With these two numbers,
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Unformatted text preview: we were able to find the density. Sodium Chloride posed no major health risks. When we were finished with the rocks, we threw them away into a beaker and poured the sodium chloride down the drain. The weight of my rocks was 20.008 grams, and the volume was 7.8 mL. The density was 2.579 g/mL. I was assigned a 24% concentration for my NaCl solution. I used 24 grams of NaCl and 76 mL of distilled water. 25 mL of my solution weighed 28.785 grams. Therefore, the density of the solution was 1.15 g/mL at 25 ° C....
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