PhoneCalls - ASL I Assignment#2 Phone Calls The hearing...

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ASL I Assignment #2 Phone Calls The hearing world uses phone calls as a vital way to convey knowledge. The telephone is a way to communicate for business, pleasure or information. To utilize this vehicle for intelligence, the Deaf community has developed alternative measures. One of these measures is the Traditional Relay Service. The Traditional Relay Service is a telephone service that allows persons with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls (Federal Communications Commission). An operator called a communications assistant aids in the telephone call. The operator facilitates a conversation by converting the hearing person’s message to text, and relaying the text of the other calling party to the first caller. He or she acts as a link for the exchange. There are a few different kinds of relay services. One, TTY based TRS, is a text- to-voice relay. The TTY is a special telephone with a built in keyboard that the party can type their message into. The communications assistant speaks their message to the person on the line, and types their responses back to the TTY caller. Another kind of relay service is Voice Carry Over. This way, someone who is deaf or hard of hearing and wants to use their own voice can talk directly to the listener,
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PhoneCalls - ASL I Assignment#2 Phone Calls The hearing...

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