EXAMIKEY - CHEMISTRY 142 EXAM 1 Section 004 KEY Name...

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CHEMISTRY 142 EXAM 1 FEBRUARY 15, 2007 Section 004 KEY Name:_____________________________________ Signature: __________________________________ (your signature above is your honor pledge) General Exam Information: 1. Useful information and a periodic table are attached to the exam. These pages may be removed. 2. Remember to use Significant Figures. Points will be deducted if answers lack proper significant figures. 3. Show as much work as possible as neatly as possible. I can only give partial credit for work I can follow and read. 4. Read questions completely and answer the question that was asked. Section Score Part I (21) Part II (21) Part III (12) Part IV (36) Bonus (2) Total (90)
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Fill in the Blank. Fill in the blank with the term that best describes the phrase (3 pts each). 1. Surface tension the energy required to increase the surface area of a liquid by a given amount 2. Colloid a suspension in which a solute-like phase is dispersed throughout a solvent like phase 3. Miscible a term used to describe substances that are infinitely soluble in each other 4. dispersion or London the weakest intermolecular force 5. i deal a term used to describe a solution that follows Raoult’s law at any concentration 6. boiling point the temperature at which the vapor pressure of a gas equals the external pressure 7. hydration shell orientated cluster of water molecules that surrounds an ion in aqueous solutions Part II Multiple Choice. Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. (3 pts each) 1. If the external (atmospheric) pressure above a solution is increased, the boiling point will: a. increase b. decrease c. double e. will not change
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EXAMIKEY - CHEMISTRY 142 EXAM 1 Section 004 KEY Name...

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