ENGR 201 Lab I - Measurement Errors

ENGR 201 Lab I - Measurement Errors - ENGR 201 - Evaluation...

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Lab Exercise I: Measurement Errors Date: 10-03-2007 Abstract: The Purpose of this lab was to measure a fixed distance, of any geometry, using three very different tools with vary drastic difference in accuracy of their measurements. These tools were a Carpenter’s Ruler, Surveyor’s Tape and a Laser distance meter. The most consistent, precise measurement was obtained via the Laser distance meter, which consistently gave the same exact reading. The deviation in measurements done via other two tools, varied with each turn of measurement. Looking at the bigger picture of measurement errors, the validity of all the measurements fell within a confidence interval of 95%. Theory: One common definition of distance is the space between two points of any geometry. Of course, a mathematical and a logical definition could be derived from this concept. There would be no single specified distance in this lab or a true, exact measurement of the distance, thus conducting many trials would be necessary with different equipment to compare, solidify the accuracy of the measurement. This avoids the Systematic error that would be produced if there was a variable that was constantly neglected. Experiment: In order to carry on the experiment and obtain measurement data of geometry, our group first checked for flaws in the actual measurement equipment to avoid a fundamental defect in the equipment being used. Then, we went ahead and used a distance that was free of any external errors, meaning deformity. The solution was that we chose the hallway measurement
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ENGR 201 Lab I - Measurement Errors - ENGR 201 - Evaluation...

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