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King Phillip's War notes - Michael Cronce King Phillips War...

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Michael Cronce King Phillips War by James Drake 1. Introduction a. June 1674- Wampanogs under Phillip rebelled against Plymouth colony 1 i. Plymouth supposed to protect them from Brit expansion ii. Rival natives gaining land they were losing iii. 1 st attack- Swansea iv. Paranoia, cultures, misunderstandings brought natives and brits into war 1. Natives were the majority on both sides v. Wampanogs eventually lost 2 1. Phillip shot and dies Aug 1676 vi. Local natives ¼ of pop. To 1/10 1. Highest casualty rate in us history vii. After war Brits were new pinnacle of power 1. As late as may 1676 Brits feared defeat 3 2. Great financial burden to English a. 1-5% Brits died b. Natives: 40% died b. Who are “we”/ “our”? 4-6 i. Hard to ID friend v. foe, sides, etc. 6-7 ii. English turned to writing bifurcated using ethnic lines and inevitability 7 1. English v. Indians a. Natives did this too 9 2. Some writers acted like Natives were not ppl 7-8 a. Along religious lines rationalize w/ GOD b. Ppl from the region protested c. Quaker natives had passive role(reaction) 3. Today many Natives identify with Phillip’s side 9-10
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a. Even those who descended from British side 4. PROGRESS GUIDING FORCE IN WAR 10-11 a. Ex) Leach Brit bias/style of writing 5. Pitfalls of Rhetoric 12 a. “we” b. Cosmopolitanism and postethnicity 12-13 i. As a result, we identify with Brits not Natives c. Natives on English side had their worldview abused 13 6. There were native on native violence 14 iii. Covalent society 14-15 iv. The past is a foreign country different 2. Chapter 1: Chiefs and Followers a. 17 th Century America i. ¼ Bostonians were native 1675- 16 ii. Conflict was not foreseeable misconception from British writings 1. Coexisting, meshed cultures- covalent(1620-1675) 17 iii. 1521- Cortez conquered millions w/ hundreds 1. story of Native labor 2. Encomiendas- SPAN rite to NAT tribute 18 a. MEX- Didn’t change NAT life much/ not worth escaping b. US- not sedentary i. Much more resistant to change 3. Sedentary v. Nonsedentary v. semisedentery a. New England NATs were semisedentary 20 i. EURO arrival fortified NAT poli/social systems
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King Phillip's War notes - Michael Cronce King Phillips War...

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