10 22 07 - Digestive System I

10 22 07 - Digestive System I - Chapter 11 The Coelom and...

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Chapter 11: The Coelom and Mesenteries a. The coelom is a “potential space” filled with a fluid secreted by the surrounding membranes. i. Around the gut-mesoderm immediately surrounding the gut 1. Epithelium of the gut comes from mesoderm ii. Fluid filled cavity iii. Two membranes 1. on inner-surface on the coelom 2. on the outer-inner surface of the coelomic wall iv. Coelomic fluid 1. Fluids allow guts to move v. All vertebrates have coeloms 1. Some invertebrates do not have them and some others have theirs filled with blood 2. Two parts of the mesoderm a. Outer layer- somatic mesoderm i. Where the skeleton forms from b. Inner layer- splanchic mesoderm i. Associated with the gut c. The fluid is serous fluid and the membranes are serosa or serous membranes d. Lampreys and Hagfish hold their gametes in the coelom; all other vertebrates have only serous fluid i. Exception, have something other than fluids in their coelom 1. Have them travel down digestive tract and shoot them out of the animal e. Derived from the lateral plate mesoderm, the serous membranes surround the coelom: covering the internal organs and lining the inside of the body wall f. Embryonicly, there are right and left coeloms. Where they meet dorsally and ventrally, the membranes fuse together forming mesenteries g. Mesentaries limit the movement of organs within the cavity i. Sheet of tissue formed from fusion of two sides of coelom ii. Dorsal mesentery important-where all blood vessels travel to the gut
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10 22 07 - Digestive System I - Chapter 11 The Coelom and...

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