11 26 07 - Nervous System II

11 26 07 - Nervous System II - Chapter 17: Nervous System...

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Chapter 17: Nervous System I: Organization (continued) IX: Glossopharyngeal – sensory to taste buds; motor to 3 rd arch muscles X: Vagus – motor to ‘vagal arches’ and parasympathetic to nearly all viscera in the trunk Innervates all of the rest of the arches Innervates many structures in the coelem (heart, respiratory system, digestive) XI: Spinal accessory – may be part of Vagus; motor to muscles of forelimb and neck -innervates structures in the neck shoulder -not associated with anything in the head XII: Hypoglossal - motor to the hypobranchial muscles (or tongue and posterior pharynx) - may be a cervical spinal nerve -innervate base of the tongue *sometimes not all cranial nerves are present because they fuse with others How to remember these?!?! The best known example of a mnemonic aid is: " O n O ld O lympus' T owering T op A F inn A nd G erman V iewed S ome H ops" (where ‘ A nd’ represents auditory instead of vestibulocochlear) Chapter 18: Nervous System II: The Brain Note: the book goes into much greater detail than I will. You will not be responsible for the chapter on the brain, only what I cover in lecture. The brain is derived embryonically from the neural tube, just like the spinal chord. -on anterior end, the neural tube expands into 3 spaces -forebrain, hindbrain, midbrain A process termed encephalization has occurred evolutionarily, where the anterior end of the body has undergone a dramatic increase in size and function. -increase in higher vertebrates
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11 26 07 - Nervous System II - Chapter 17: Nervous System...

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