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COURSE INFORMATION DOCUMENT H. Lee Cowan HISTORY 1301- 40690 –- United States History to 1876 Room ESEE 1220 Summer 2 - 2008 - MTWTh Hours: 9:40-11:40 Email: (Include section and class meeting time in Subject line) Office: ESED 2436 817-555-3741 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course traces the growth of the United States, beginning with some of the historical developments and events which occurred before the voyages of Christopher Columbus. It continues with those which have occurred since the late fifteenth century through the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. Emphasis is placed not only on political and economic issues, but also on military, diplomatic, religious, social, and philosophical ones as well. TEXTBOOK: The American Journey by David Goldfield. 4 th Edition - Combined Volume (TAJ) Additional reading materials given as handouts during class sessions CONDUCT: The Student Code of Conduct located in the college catalog governs the conduct of students at all times. CELL PHONE, PDA’s, OR PAGERS: The department prohibits the use of cell phones or pagers in the class. VISITORS/CHILDREN: The department does not allow visitors during class. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Academic dishonesty is a serious breach of the Student Code of Conduct . Academic dishonesty will result in failure on that assignment and/or suspension. Actions defined as academic dishonesty are, but not limited to: bringing to class illegal materials to assist on a test; copying, assisting, or aiding another student during a test; copying or plagiarizing materials (not giving sources for materials used) on work done outside of class; or other means by which a student might get an unfair advantage over the other students in class. 1
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This note was uploaded on 08/16/2008 for the course HIST 1301 taught by Professor Wood during the Summer '08 term at Tarrant County.

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