ch.1 vocab goverment

ch.1 vocab goverment - CH.1 VOBULARY GOVERNMENT...

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CH.1 VOBULARY GOVERNMENT AUTHORITARIANISM - is a system of government in which power rests in the hands of one individual or a few individuals. AUTHORITY - the right to exercise power CAPITALISM – based on the principle of “laissez faire” or “let alone” this means there should be a minimum intervention by government in economic affairs CHARISMATIC LEGITIMACY –based on popular admiration of the personal attributes of an individual CITY-STATE - is a region controlled exclusively by a city , usually having sovereignty COMMUNISM- an economic system based on government ownership of means of production. CONFEDERAL SYSTEM –a voluntary association of sovereign states, where major powers belong to member states and the central government has only minor powers. CONSERVATISM- limited governmental involvement in economic affairs and an activist government to regulate social conduct. DEMOCRACY – rule by the people EMPIRICAL STATEMENTS -factual statement INFILUENCE- the ability to persuade other to accept certain things or behave in certain ways. INTIATIVE
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ch.1 vocab goverment - CH.1 VOBULARY GOVERNMENT...

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