Psych 101 - Mind Control

Psych 101 - Mind Control - The Psychology of Mind Control...

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The Psychology of Mind Control – How to Resist Under Influences in Critical Thinking and Action Lecture 08/28/06 Brainwashing (not torture) - CIA: Operation MK-Ultra in 1960s o Attempted to create Russia’s version of “Truth Serum” (switching loyalties) o Dr. F. Cameron’s Schizophrenia Research 1 month “Sleep Therapy” Depattern minds: Electroshock and LSD (to scramble minds) Reprogram brains: Psychic Driving o Done at USPHS Hospitals without informed consent o Result: Didn’t control the subject’s thoughts; But created depression, suicide; stopped experiment o But, CIA had ultimate control over the psychiatrists o How? With a few simple words: “Dr. In the name of national interest…” Blind Obedience to Authority - We are conditioned to obey: o Parents o Teachers o Bosses o Symbols of Authority; Signs; Badges - What are the limits to blind obedience to authority? o “More crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than in that of authority.” - Voice Feedback Condition Lecture 08/30/06 - Why were so many people totally obedient? o Status of the authority figure o Status of institution o Someone else assumed responsibility o Shocks were said not to be harmful o Gradual steps, demand of machine o Luck of the draw o Focus of scientific study – learning o Sadistic Impulses o Physical distance (Atom Bomb, “Nighttime”)
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o No practice in respectful disobedience (Abuse by clergy) - Experimental Paradigm o Manipulate - Close of T to L (Independent Variable) vs. Outcome - Number of shocks (Dependent Variable) - Closeness of T to L Gave 450 volts Remote 65% Voice Feedback (screaming by L) 62% Proximity 40% Touch Proximity 30% - Most Remote: The gate keeper scenario o The real teacher/subject controls an on-off switch that powers the shock generator for another “teacher” o 93% of subjects let the other “teacher” deliver up to 450V of shock o 48% of subjects gave 450V - Experiments that varied the nature of the experiment o 2 Experimenters where one raised doubts about the experiment at 150V – All subjects stopped at 150V, did not get to 210V o 2 ‘peer’ teachers – 150V one stepped out, 210V another stepped out, 16% of subjects went beyond 450V o ‘Ordinary man’ as experimenter – All subjects refused. Ordinary man was no authority o Instructions delivered by tape – Subjects lied. They said they gave 450V But actually stayed at 15V o Experimenter stops experiment at 150V and learner begs to continue punishment – All subjects refused the learner, wanting to be shocked is ‘sick’ o Woman subjects – Same voltage but more anxiety - Moderator Variables o Personality Traits
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Psych 101 - Mind Control - The Psychology of Mind Control...

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