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Psych 101 - Perception - Perception Lecture Perception...

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Perception Lecture 10/27/06 Perception - Distal stimulus - Proximal stimulus Ambiguity Inherent in the Retinal Image - Figure-ground perception - Roll of contour (hue, saturation, texture) allows us to distinguish one object from another - Role of motion (important cue) “Our eyes take in more than our brain can consciously process” - 1930’s – The Gestalt psychologists explained that perception is based on the laws of perceptual organization - Perceptual organization o Proximity o Similarity o Continuity o Closure o Past experience, culture and perception 7 dolphins USA, FLY - Using laws of organization to camouflage o Perception test as a personality trait o Faces o “NINA” - Perception is essentially a “bag of tricks” that the visual system has evolved, which employs numerous short cuts, rules of thumb and heuristics if were… - The AI Challenge o Chess vs Perception of Objects - The brain is constantly interpreting perceptual information: o The eye is not a camera o Head movement and stability (if you see something moving, you get dizzy) o Size and shape constancy o Blinking every 4 seconds for 1/3 sec (but somehow, our brain fills in the images and we don’t see darkness) o Depth perception with one eye Illusion - A discrepancy exists between the distal (physical) stimulus and our interpretation of it based on the information in the proximal (retinal) stimulus
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- Causes of illusions o 1. Laws of organization which lead us astray
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Psych 101 - Perception - Perception Lecture Perception...

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