Psych 101 - Power Sleep

Psych 101 - Power Sleep - Power Sleep and Peak Performance...

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Power Sleep and Peak Performance for the Rest of Your Life Lecture 09/08/06 The Sleep Deprivation Crisis - Most people are moderately to severely sleep deprived. 71% do not meet the recommended 8 hours/night - Actiwatch study (Expected result: 7.5 hrs/night, Actual result: 6.1 hrs/night) - High school and college students are walking zombies - 75% of people experience sleep problems each week (42mil prescriptions for sleeping pills last year, a 60% increase over the previous year) The Sleep Deprivation Crisis at Work - 25% of adults are shift workers o 56% fall asleep on the job each week (at nuclear power plants, factories, etc.) - For the majority of the population, sleepiness diminishes o Concentration at work o The amount of work accomplished o The quality of work - Sleep deprivation costs $6bil annually Sleep is a Necessity, Not a Luxury - Sleep determines our waking success o Mood, alertness, energy, thinking, performance, productivity, athletics, safety, general health & longevity. - In sum, sleep deprivation makes you clumsy, stupid, unhealthy, and shortens your life - For peak performance, spend a third of your life sleeping We Never Learn about Sleep - Lack of education in schools, even in medical training - 47% of physicians thinks the brain shuts down during sleep Recent Research - The sleeping brain is highly active o University of Chicago Young Subjects are restricted to 4 hrs/night for 6 nights They developed “senior citizens” profiles More cortisol, higher blood sugar levels, less leptin molecules Leads to increased risk of hypertension (heart attacks and strokes), type II diabetes, obesity o Replicated with 6 hrs/night at Penn State University Less than 4 hrs 75% more likely to be obese than 7-9 hrs sleepers 5 hrs 50% more likely
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6 hrs 23% more likely o Dr. Jan Born at the University of Luebeck, Germany, found that people who sleep less than 6 hrs have lowered their resistance to viral infection by 50%. o Not surprise that flu vaccines are not as effective as they are supposed to be o Within last 3 decades Males (25-40yrs) have reduced deep sleep from 20% to 5% of total sleep hours Producing less growth hormones Causing obesity, diabetes, etc. o Blind women have 50% less risk of breast cancer than sighted woman o Night workers have 35% more risk of colorectal cancer 2) Replenishes brain neurotransmitters that stimulate and organizes neural network into long term physical storage, essential for memory, learning, performance, problem solving, creativity. o Since 1879, we have been abusing sleep o National Kleitman started sleep research, he is now 101 years old and still working full time Lecture 09/11/06 - More rapid eye movements correspond to more ‘active’ dreams - Brain waves and sleep stages (refer to book) - Architecture of a good night’s sleep (refer to book) - Stage 4 sleep is reduced to 5% of total sleep time but it is important for hormone
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Psych 101 - Power Sleep - Power Sleep and Peak Performance...

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