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Psych 101 - Psychological Disorders

Psych 101 - Psychological Disorders - Psychological...

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Psychological Disorders Lecture 11/27/06 Schizoid-Affective Personality Disorder - William Kurelek - Lonely, Isolated, Timid, Shy - Good in School, Interested in Arts - Imaginative and Idealistic - Feeling of Inferiority - Discomfort in Interpersonal Relations - Can Lead to Full Blown Schizophrenia Art and Psychiatry - Prognosis Through Art o Louis Wain o Vincent Van Gogh Lecture 11/30/06 Geschwind’s Syndrome (Van Gogh) - Form of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy o Between Seizures – A Severe Personality Disorder with Periodic Aggression, Paranoia, Hallucinations - Hyper Religiosity – Lay Preacher - Confused Sexual Identity - Hypergraphia – 200 Paintings, 200 Drawings, 100 Letters in 15 Months Optimal Adjustment 1. Positive Attitudes Towards Oneself 2. Continued Growth & Development 3. Autonomous – Inner Directed 4. Accurate Perception of Reality 5. Competence at Life’s Tasks 6. Satisfying Relationships Less Than Optimal - Conflicts: Double Approach – Avoidance - Barriers to Goals: IQ, Appearance, Money, Distorted Thinking - Can Lead to Mental Illness Depending on Psychological Coping Skills and/or Biochemical Factors Prevalence of Mental Disorders - 1 out of 4 will suffer from a mental disorder within their lifetime
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