Psych 101 - Research Methodologies

Psych 101 - Research Methodologies - Research Methodologies...

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Unformatted text preview: Research Methodologies Research Design Lecture 09/25/06 Extrasensory Perception (ESP)- Clairvoyance o Discerning objects not present to the sense (eg. Items in a shoe box)- Telepathy o Mind reading without mediation of human channel or sensory communication Was it ESP? Cold reading? Or stage magic?- How were the subjects selected? o Guess the card generated by computer on the basis of ESP skill? o Name drawing did you observe the card?- How was the information gathered? o Alternatives to ESP: cold reading? Stage mentalism?- Stage magic/mentalism? o Examples of psychic powers o Prior knowledge how? (Occams Razor)- What else didnt you see? o A different method used or each demo- Were you predisposed to see ESP? o The situation was defined as such- Ethical dilemma of description versus demonstration Lecture 10/11/06 Naturalistic observation- Simple strategy see and record what happens in the natural, undisturbed state- Limited to observable behavior- Great for gathering hypothesis- Things to take note of o 1. Observe a representative sample of subjects if you wish to generate your findings to a larger population o 2. Observe all relevant factors Claims of faith healers Are you observing all relevant factors? o Leap of Faith Steve Martin plays a faith healer, but was the healer praying for / preying on the faithful? o James Randi noticed Rev Peter Popoff received money for faith healing Noticed Peter Popoff was wearing a hearing aid Irony that he couldnt cure himself Randi exposed him (ovarian cancer), tuning into his frequency o Dr. James Randi $1mil paranormal challenge at o Uri on the Johnny Carson show Have you observed all relevant factors and established the necessary controls? o Does a master illusionist really have ESP? o Procedural controls, ensure different room for experimenter and subject o Specify before hand the psychic condition o 3. Make unbiased observations Rosenthal: Pygmallion in the classroom Rosenhan (Stanford): Being sane in insane places They couldnt get out because they were taken to be insane Lecture 10/13/06 o 4. Do not disturb the behavior Hide from sight Become a participant observer Participant-Observer studies o Blue-collar journal: John Coleman Dishwasher, Ditch digger, Garbage man o Observing mental patients o Observing hospital staff Rosenhan: Hearing voices (empty, dull, thud) Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in...
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Psych 101 - Research Methodologies - Research Methodologies...

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