sunrise in veld - and the boy cannot decide if he should...

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David Simon 10/25/07 Period 7 The Sunrise in the Veld The Sunrise in the Veld is a coming of age story of a young man who believes he is all-powerful until he witnesses a buck being eaten alive by spiders. The boy shows how powerful he believes himself to be as soon as he wakes up in the mourning. “Triumphantly pressing down the alarm knob on the clock.” By doing this action triumphantly, it shows that the boy believes nothing can affect him in any way because he is invincible. Another instance where the boys shows characteristics of invincibility is when he had once stayed awake for three entire nights and then worked the next day. The boy does this sort of thing to prove that he is as mature as any adult. The boy’s attitude begins to change when he hears a noise coming from down the brush; it is a sound of a buck crying from the agony of dieing. This buck is being eaten alive by swarms of ants,
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Unformatted text preview: and the boy cannot decide if he should put it out of its misery by shooting it or just let it die naturally. The boy idea of fatality struck the boy like a bolt of lightening, he had never experienced this feeling before. The boy tried to come to terms to what was happening to the buck; he rationalized that the ants must eat too. The boy thought about the incident on his entire walk home, and he even thought about it the next day. The death of the buck has had a profound affect on the boy, and by the boy overcoming this dilemma it shows that he has lost the innocence of a young boy. He now recognizes that events similar to this one are ones that can turn a boy into a man, something he though that staying awake for many hours at one time could do in the past....
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sunrise in veld - and the boy cannot decide if he should...

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