FED No.51 - his mind It is impossible to keep each branch...

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David Simon 8/29/07 Per. 3 Federalist No. 51 The Federalist No. 51 by James Madison, along with the Federalist No. 10, is one of the most famous of all of the Federalist Papers. The main aspect of Federalist No. 51 is the keeping the different powers of the government separate but equal. The only way to maintain equal power among the different branches of government is to initiate a system of checks and balances to limit the power of each section of government. It is possible that different people in various sections of the government would compete for other thing except power, such as income. In order to successfully maintain the three pronged government the member of each party need to remain independent of each other. Madison states, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” No man in government is like an angel and the constant force of wanting more power is always on
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Unformatted text preview: his mind. It is impossible to keep each branch of government completely equal. Madison notes that the legislative part of the government has slightly more power than both the executive branch and the judicial branch. To limit the power of the legislative branch the framers of the Constitution split the legislative branch into the House of Representatives and the Senate House. Like the government, people are split into many different groups with conflicting views and customs. The many different groups ensure that no group of people holds too much power. The Federalist No.51 strongly resembles the ideas of the Federalist No. 10 because Madison strongly voices his opinion against the formation of factions in both papers....
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FED No.51 - his mind It is impossible to keep each branch...

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