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3.27.06 Turkey Paper

3.27.06 Turkey Paper - Polsci 117 Assignment 2 The Impact...

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Polsci 117 Assignment 2 3/28/06 The Impact of Leadership in Turkey: General Evren and Turgut Ozal I. Introduction General Evren initiated the military coup that took place in Turkey on September 12, 1980; the leaders of the major political parties were arrested and placed into protective custody, Parliament was dissolved, and Martial law was in effect across all of the provinces of the country. General Evren, along with other military leaders believed that Turkey was in a dire state, comparable to the years surrounding the War of Independence; they all agreed that drastic action was necessary to turn the country around. When this new military regime came to power only one member of the previous regime remained in office, Turgut Ozal. General Evren articulated that Turkey’s foreign and economic policy would not change under the new military rule and Turgut Ozal was the chief architect of the country’s current economic program. Both leaders would have the opportunity to improve the calamitous circumstances which Turkey found itself in. II. Analysis Following the military coup, international concerns forced views of Turkey to change overnight. “Turkey was barred from the Council of Europe, and the European Community suspended aid. NATO urged a timely return to democracy” (Howard 159). It was clear that, although no one could articulate exactly the state Turkey was in under this military rule, outsiders questioned its stability and no one dared label it as a democracy. This however was not an immediate concern of General Evren; he knew the nation needed strict order that could only be achieved by total military control. Reestablishing public order was his number one priority; striking workers were ordered back to work, all union activity was banned, and the imposition of a strict curfew led to
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thousands of arrests of individuals suspected to have terrorist connections (Howard 161).
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3.27.06 Turkey Paper - Polsci 117 Assignment 2 The Impact...

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