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TIME MANAGEMENT Making the most effective use of your time can do much to reduce stress. The following suggestions may help you better manage your time: 1. Clarify your goals and objectives and put them in writing; then set your priorities, and work toward the completion of your highest priority goals and objectives first. 2. Focus on your goals and objectives; the most important activities are those that help you achieve your goals and objectives. 3. Set at least one major, yet realistic, objective each day and achieve it. 4. Periodically make a record of how you use your time to help you weed out time wasting habits. 5. Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing and what would happen if you were to stop. If ceasing to do a certain thing would have no negative consequences, then stop doing it—for it is clearly a waste of time. 6. If possible eliminate at least one time-wasting activity a week. 7.
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