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Time Management Grid Instructions

Time Management Grid Instructions - 5 – Block off any...

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Time Management Grid Instructions You may print out the grid or enter the information online. Shade each block according to the key on the bottom of the grid. You may improvise as long as each is clear and unique. 1 - To start block off your actual class time. 2 – Block off any planned study time. 3 – Block off time that you would normally eat and sleep. 4 – Block off any organized activities such as clubs or sports.
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Unformatted text preview: 5 – Block off any planned recreation time. 6 – Block off any other planned times. 7 – Each day review your schedule and shade in red when you did something other than what you had planned to do. For instance, did you skip class, did you not study, did you go out late instead of sleeping....
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