Personal Time Management Temperament

Personal Time Management Temperament - IDENTIFYING YOUR OWN...

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I DENTIFYING Y OUR O WN T IME M ANAGEMENT T EMPERAMENT Please read each of the following sets of descriptive statements and check the one statement that most closely resembles you 1 Adapt easily to others 7 Like being the center of attention Want my own way Enjoy being in charge Am fussy about my things Am a diplomatic peace maker Like to have fun Am critical of many situations 2 Am always analyzing things 8 Am thoughtful and logical Am generally undisciplined Am often late Am fearful about what may happen Like to take it easy Get impatient with delays Have a temper that flares 3 Face the future optimistically 9 Am cooperative and like to oblige friends and family Enjoy an orderly life Get moody frequently Have a forceful personality Enjoy being self reliant Am generally satisfied with life Like living spontaneously 4 Find things are usually in a haphazard condition 10 Keep careful records Am not very affectionate Want credit for what I achieve Am generally very hard to please Am often in doubt about what to do Am timid and don’t get involved much Am strongly competitive 5 Am decisive and action-oriented 11 Produce a lot of work Am considerate and respectful Listen patiently to others Am demonstrative and animated Am usually cheerful and lively Have a sense of humor Am often pessimistic 6 Am a perfectionist in most things 12 Tend to overlook details of things Frequently talk too much Am slow to get moving Tend to be intolerant Am stubborn in my own opinions Am indifferent to many situations Plan to organize things well For each statement above, circle the response you selected below. Then, enter the total number circled at the bottom. The column with the highest number identifies your temperament. Statement Time Taskmaster Time Teaser Time Tarrier Time Tender 1 B D A C 2 D B C A 3 C A D B 4 B A D C 5 A C D B 6 C B D A 7 B A C D 8 D B C A 9 C D A B 10 D B C A 11 A C B D 12 C A B D Totals:
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U NDERSTANDING Y OUR O WN T EMPERAMENT In understanding different temperament types, it is important to note that everyone is a blend of the four types. Most people have one dominant temperament type, but also have some degree of the others. Time Taskmasters Born leaders, take charge people. Seek supervisory positions, and sometimes take charge even when they are not the boss. Self-starters, direct, positive and straightforward. Sometimes too blunt for their own good. Single mindedly pursing goals, may hurt others in the process without realizing it. Fight hard for what they believe is right. Hate routine…prone to changing jobs especially early in career. Thrive on competition and pressure. High energy, demand a lit of themselves and others. Usually on time for appointments, but may be late if something more important comes along. Do not like to wait for others, however. Good at, providing direction, setting goals, achieving results, deciding quickly, accepting challenges, stimulating activity. Negative
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Personal Time Management Temperament - IDENTIFYING YOUR OWN...

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