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Thirty Time Saving Tips

Thirty Time Saving Tips - 1 Prioritize Decide on your-term...

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1. Prioritize. Decide on your-term goals and short-term priorities within those goals. 2. Concentrate. Eliminate self-made interruptions and distractions. Minimize interruptions imposed on you by others; especially phone calls and drop-in visitors. 3. Categorize your work, school, household and personal responsibilities; focus on doing what you have to, and want to do, one day at a time. 4. Break down major tasks into small ones so that: a. The work is more manageable b. You can reward yourself as you complete each small step c. You can keep better track of you progress d. You can avoid trying to do too much or at the last minute. Set realistic deadlines for completing key projects 5. List all upcoming commitments or important reminders on one central calendar to facilitate planning 6. Learn to say “NO” easily and graciously 7. Never do more than one major thing at any moment, although you might shift back and forth among projects. 8.
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