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BIS 104 PQ 23 23. Consider the following experiment: You make up three batches of liposomes with identical lipid compositions. The only difference is that batch A has v-SNARE molecules incorporated into the liposomal membrane, whereas, batch B has t-SNARE proteins in the liposomal membrane, and batch C has no SNARES incorporated. The liposomal preparations are mixed together in the following combinations, and you then determine whether or not fusion between mixed liposomes has occurred. v-SNARE liposomes + v-SNARE liposomes
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Unformatted text preview: t-SNARE liposomes + t-SNARE liposomes t-SNARE liposomes + v-SNARE liposomes liposomes + liposomes, both lacking any SNARE proteins a. Which combinations would you expect to fuse when mixed together in vitro ? b. What other components might have to be added to the mixed liposome preps in order to facilitate fusion? c. What additional proteins are probably involved in vesicle fusion in vivo ? d. What techniques would you use to actually visualize or measure whether or not fusion between liposomes had occurred?...
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