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BIS 104 PQ 15 08 15. For each of the experiments given below, describe the results you would expect to observe. a. Neurons and Schwann cells were isolated from dorsal root ganglia (DRGs). Each cell type was then allowed to grow in cell culture for a few days and then tested for the expression of VEGF. RESULTS: Both cultured DRG Schwann cells and neurons expressed all isoforms of VEGF . b. Purified Schwann cells and neurons were co-cultured with ephrinB2-negative ECs for two days. The ECs were then tested for ephrinB2 expression. RESULTS: Both Schwann cells and neurons induced endothelial ephrinB2 expression in ~60% of the cells. c. EphrinB2-negative ECs were cultured alone for two days and then tested for ephrinB2
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Unformatted text preview: expression. RESULTS: When cultured alone, in the absence of neurons or Schwann cells, only ~5% of the ECs expressed ephrinB2. d. EphrinB2-negative ECs were co-cultured with Schwann cells for two days. The effect of this co-culture on EC proliferation was compared to ECs cultured alone. RESULTS: Co-culture with Schwann cells or with neurons did not result in increased proliferation of ECs when compared to ECs cultured alone. e. EphrinB2-negative ECs were co-cultured with Schwann cells for two days in the presence of soluble VEGF-R2 receptor protein. RESULTS: ECs failed to express ephrinB2 under these conditions ....
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