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FinalPractice1 - BIS101-001 Simon Chan Winter 2008 Final...

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BIS101-001 Simon Chan Winter 2008 Final Exam Practice #1 Note that our class covers slightly different material from previous BIS101 offerings. Therefore, this practice exam may contain a limited number of questions that you would not be expected to answer in the actual final. This exam has a total of 160 points READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU ANSWER. SHOW ALL WORK TO GET FULL CREDIT. 1. Using the list of words below, please indicate which best describes the term (30pt): Transfer of parts of a chromosome to a new location _______ A heritable change in the DNA sequence ___________ DNA synthesis ___ ________ A fragment of DNA propagated in a vector ____ _____ Nonreciprocal exchange of genetic material _____ ____ A rearrangement in which a segment of a chromosome is reversed end to end _____ ______ The molecular characterization of all the genes of an organism _____ _____ The failure of homologous chromosomes or sister chromatids to separate properly in meiosis ____ ___ Experimental procedure in which only a specific type of mutant can survive __ _________ A mobile piece of DNA that is flanked by repeat sequences ____ ____
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__ __ Making a mutant from a gene to infer function ______ Production of a polypeptide from mRNA ___ ___ A cell or individual that has three copies of a particular chromosome instead of two ___ ___ A diffusible gene product that controls gene expression ____ Transcription Forward genetics DNA clone Selection Transcription factor Genomics Transposable element Translation Reverse genetics Translocation Gene conversion Replication Trisomic Nondisjunction Mutation Duplication Deletion Crossing-over Disomic Nonsense mutation Allele Mutagen Screen Inversion Note: You may only use a word once, but there are more words than definitions. You may remove this sheet if it will make it easier for you to fill in the
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FinalPractice1 - BIS101-001 Simon Chan Winter 2008 Final...

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