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Figure 1: Peripheral Nerves Associate Preferentially with Arterial Vessels in limb skin Experiment: Samples of E15.5 limb skin taken from 2 strains of transgenic mice: ephrinB2/LacZ and ephB4/ Lac Z Both samples were stained for peripheral sensory nerves (2H3) and for B-gal (EC artery or vein) Stained samples were examined under scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy Results: Arterial markers co-localized with the branching pattern of peripheral sensory nerves; the pattern of vein differentiation did not follow the nerve pattern Conclusion: It is plausible that the branching pattern and differentiation of peripheral sensory nerves and limb skin arteries influence each other’s development Figure 4: Defective Arteriogenesis in the Absence of Peripheral Nerves Experiment: Limb skin samples from both normal and mutant E15.5 mice were immunostained with fluor. abs. against PECAM-1; ephrinB2, BFABP, 2H3, and CX-40. The staining patterns from the two sample sources were compared by scanning confocal fluor. microscopy. Results: Arterial marker expression was greatly reduced in mutants; especially in small diameter vessels while large diameter vessels appeared unaffected Loss of alpha SMA cells or lack of alpha SMA expression in smaller vessels in mutant embryos Conclusion: PSNs are required for the differentiation of small arterial blood vessels in the mouse limb skin.
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Figure 5: Nerves Direct the Patterning of Vascular Remodeling and Arteriogenesis Question: Are peripheral nerves required for arterial differentiation or do they direct the patterning of vascular remodeling and arteriogenesis? Subject:
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Mukouyama_section_summary - Figure 1: Peripheral Nerves...

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