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BIS 104 PQ 4 SS I 08 4. Define the following concepts or terms that are important aspects of microscopy: a. magnification: Refers to the total increase in visible size of a specimen. It is the product of the magnification produced by the objective lens and ocular lens (total mag = ocular mag x objective lens mag). b) resolution: The resolving power of a microscope is defined in terms of the ability to see two neighboring points in the visual field as two distinct entities. d (resolution) = (0.61) (lambda) / (n) (sin alpha) c) contrast: Refers to the visibility of a specimen, or the differences in appearance between adjacent parts of an object and its background
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Unformatted text preview: . d) refractive index: Refers to the degree to which a substance (air, glass, liquid) causes diffraction of light waves. Denoted as n, it is a unitless value. E.g., refractive index of air = 1.0. e) numerical aperture (NA): A property of an objective lens. Defined as the product of the refractive index of the medium between the specimen and the obj. lens and sin alpha (the light-gathering ability of the lens). f) empty magnification: Refers to magnification beyond the resolving power of a microscope. It results in an increase in size of the image, but no increase or improvement in resolution or clarity of detail....
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bis_104_pq_4_ans_ss_i_08 - . d) refractive index: Refers to...

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