exam1 - Pinkard 1 Jonathon Pinkard PSC 203-01 June 16th,...

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Pinkard  1 Jonathon Pinkard PSC 203-01 June 16 th , 2008 Exam #1 There are many decisions and obstacles that a new democracy faces when the new state is democratizing. First of all, they must decide which kind of government to establish. They must decide between presidentialism and parliamentary, unitary and federalism, and Single Member Districts (SMD) and Proportional Representation (PR). They also have many other factors to think about when they are making these decisions. In this essay, we will discuss how countries make their decisions, which decisions they have to make, and why they make the decisions that they do. Also, I will look at the challenges between a developed and developing, and consolidating and backsliding government. First, I will examine the differences between a presidential system and parliamentary system and how a new nation chooses between the two. The parliamentary system is generally more complex than the presidential system. In a presidential system, the president is the head of state and the chief executive. In a parliamentary system this is not the case. A parliamentary system has different names for its heads of state and chief executives. A new country defines its government with its constitution. To decide on a new government, the people will hold elections
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exam1 - Pinkard 1 Jonathon Pinkard PSC 203-01 June 16th,...

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