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Comparative politics syllabus psc 203 Summer 2008

Comparative politics syllabus psc 203 Summer 2008 - PSC...

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PSC 203-002 Comparative Politics ten Hoor Hall 114 M- F: 11:00-12:45 P.M. Instructor: Mark J. Ferguson Office Hours: Room 310 by Appointment. Phone: 205-348-5053 Email: [email protected] Course Description: This is an introductory course to the study of comparative politics exploring the major issues of various countries in various regions. The course cuts across such issues as elections, institutions, democratization, ethnicity, religion, culture, conflict, and other related aspects. This course will provide students with a background on why states behave differently. In addition, what dynamics shape the differences and similarities between and among states. Student Learning Objectives: Through this course, students will Develop a familiarity with major theories, concepts, and issues in the field of comparative politics. Know the meanings of consolidated and unconsolidated democracy. Be able to list and explain differences between a Westminster Model state and a Federal state. Be able to explain what PR, SMD, and Mixed-Member electoral systems are. Be able to explain and describe the process of the responsible party system, or mandate model. Be able to describe how crosscutting cleavages and reinforcing cleavages work in states. Be able to apply their understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the field to the world. Through the activities of this course, students will: Improve their abilities to write clear, well-organized, abstracts. Improve their ability communicate their beliefs in a coherent manner. Develop the ability to critically evaluate their and others’ beliefs about foreign states. Administrative Matters: DISABILITY : Any student who, because of a disabling condition, may require some special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should first contact the Office of Disability Services as soon as possible to make necessary accommodations. Please consult the following link to the office of Disability Services: http://ods.ua.edu/students/Students%20with%20disabilities.htm HARASSMENT : Harassment of any type will not be tolerated.
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