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Unformatted text preview: Review for final Wed 8 am Exam will cover Mingst chs 1-9 Map book Parts 1-6, 8 Comprehensive Videos Hints You are much, much more likely to be asked questions on topics we discussed in class Know all countries Know all words in bold Know the following topics (in no particular order): Why do we call it political science? Behavioral Theory Hypothesis Statistical revolution, traditional approach model The State Requirements for nation/state Treaty of Westphalia History of the state; ancient empires Territorial disputes (know examples) Sources of power Territorial change in Israel due to 1973 and 1967 wars[ Map book neorealism Correlates of War project Positive and negative sanctions Game theory and what it can tell us about arms races and nuclear deterrence Cold war X article Containment MAD/MAS; bipolarity Dtente Second strike capability Rational decision model Balance of power All aspects of liberalism, realism, Marxism In terms of IPE theory Managing security dilemma Role of the state Role of IGOs etc Prisoner's dilemma Be able to describe an international event in terms of the three levels of analysis Structure of UN Bretton Woods institutions IMF World Bank GATT/WTO Methods of managing security dilemma Realist Liberal Peacekeeping (first and second generation) Structural adjustment Figure 9.3 Causes of war Map book peacekeeping Rebel operations over time groups Regime type Israel over time General locations of conflicts in 1990s All countries Separatist groups Life expectancies HDI Democratic peace theory Prisoner's dilemma Game theory names Mearsheimer Waltz Huntington Russett Maoz Names in ch 2 films Compare Strangelove to Fail Safe Lord of the Flies ...
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