finalexam - Pinkard 1 Jonathon Pinkard PSC 203-01 July 3rd,...

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 Pinkard 1 Jonathon Pinkard PSC 203-01 July 3 rd , 2008 Final Exam Japan Challenges and Improvements The country that I studied and gave a presentation on was Japan. Before I did the presentation I only knew a small amount about Japanese politics. I found that I actually enjoyed doing this much more than I originally thought and I learned a great deal. I want to continue to study Japan more in the future and keep up with their current events. In this essay I will describe the challenges that Japan faces and explore ways to improve their political system. I will examine how free the country is, whether their parliamentary system is best for them, and examine their mixed Single Member District/ Proportional Representation electoral system. Also, I will look at the fact that they have a unitary government and if federalism would work well in Japan. Japan has been a democracy since it was defeated in World War II. The new ”MacArthur” constitution was put into effect in 1947. It declared that Japan would be a parliamentary democracy. Japan has developed into a well established democracy. They have free elections which elect the Diet(Parliament) and the Diet votes on a Prime Minister. Japan still does have an emperor but he has no power. In Japan, the emperor has less power than the queen has in the United Kingdom. I believe that the people of Japan should have the opportunity to
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finalexam - Pinkard 1 Jonathon Pinkard PSC 203-01 July 3rd,...

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