Feed paper - Papaila 1 Had Feed been published a generation...

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Unformatted text preview: Papaila 1 Had Feed been published a generation ago, the reviews of Andersons acclaimed novel would unquestionably have been very different. Expressions like sci-fi, inventive but impractical, and technological fantasy would become linked with Andersons imaginative depiction of the future. Coupled with knowledge of current world conditions revealed through red sky at morning , it is much easier to recognize the median driven, material obsessed culture in Feed as a direct result of todays society. In a recent review of Feed , the Detroit Free Press describes the novel as a darkly comic satire that can be read as a promise or a warning. This review could not have been more on target-the uncompromising facts that fill the pages of Speths book force its readers to acknowledge Andersons satirical foreshadowing as an urgent warning. Following Andersons book in a chronological fashion, the first seemingly outlandish activity the characters experience is their trip to the moon. In relation to modern scientific advancement, this is a very interesting subject to include considering Russias recent offers to rocket tourists to the moon for a mere $20 million (4). However, Titus and his friends describe their futuristic trip as boring, portraying space as old and empty. Immediately, this depiction of the moon (which had been commercialized and quickly outdated) sends up a flare against the overzealous economy and its inability to preserve the fascination of a natural resource. The use, abuse, and move on attitude of Feed s characters reflects the similar selfish attitude of many tourists visiting todays wonders, including the destruction of the Grand Canyon, harm to the Lavaca Bay, rivers polluted in the Chesapeake Bay area, and the strain on the coastal and Great Lakes beaches....
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Feed paper - Papaila 1 Had Feed been published a generation...

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