2007-11-15GEOL 1610

2007-11-15GEOL 1610 - Geology Running Water Running Water...

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Unformatted text preview: Geology Running Water Running Water, Streams, Deltas Precipitation A) Infiltrate- ground water is used by plants (Evaportranspivation) B Surface.... Sheet flow (overland flow) (Channelized) Channels Flow Type Laminar Flow (deep water) Turbulent Flow (shallow water) Look at Cross-sectional shape & size Running Water Geology Geology Longitudinal profiles Gradient (slope) (drop/distance) The highest velocity of water is where it is straight and deep. Cross-sectional shape Concerned with total area and total channel surface (perimeter) If a Broad, shallow channel is 1m deep and 10m wide, and a Narrow, deep channel is 5m deep and 2m wide, they both have the same total area and channel perimeter, so they should act the same Stream Discharge = volume of water/time (m3/sec or ft./sec) D = vol. x area Channel area (ft2, m2) Velocity (ft/sec, m/sec) V = m2 x (m/sec) = (m3/sec) As you go down the longitudinal profile, Gradient decreases Discharge increases Area increases Velocity increases Stream work Stream load Particulate suspend load Bed load (tends to roll along the bottom or bounce)(or saltation) Dissolved load (ions in solution... products of weathering) Major Channel Forms Braided Channel Channel Shape Flood Plain Load Type Gradient Flow Pattern Shallow and Wide None Dominated by Bed-load High "Flashy" Meandering Channel Narrow and Deep Broad Dominated by Suspend load Low Constant "old man river" Oxbow lake... meandering channel Running Water Geology Geology Accretion Lateral Accretion (associated with point bars) Vertical accretion (associated with flood plain) Running Water Geology ...
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2007-11-15GEOL 1610 - Geology Running Water Running Water...

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