Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks - Geology Metamorphic Rocks What are...

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Metamorphic Rocks What are metamorphic rocks? Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have been changed in form and mineralogy from a protolyth, under conditions of increased pressure and/or heat, up to, but not including melting. What are the Agents of metamorphism? 1. Heat 2. Pressure 3. Fluids Tectonic Controls on Heat, Pressure, and Fluids • Subduction Zones • High Temp • High Pressure • Spreading centers • Moderate temp • Lo pressure • Hot Spots • Hi Temp • Lo Pressure Why do Rocks change under metamorphic Conditions? • Before Metamorphism • Country Rocks were in equilibrium • Pressure, temperature defined by depth • After Metamorphism • New environment • Starts metamorphic reactions How do rocks change under metamorphic conditions? • Sometimes NEW minerals form • Clays become mica • Sometimes minerals RE-CRYSTALIZE Geology Metamorphic Rocks Geology
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• Limestone becomes marble • Sometimes rocks are DEFORMED • Squashed, folded What are the tectonic settings of metamorphism? • Regional • Andes-type mountain building • High Heat • High Pressure • Contact • Intense heat from magma chamber • Low pressure Heat as a Metamorphic Agent
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Metamorphic Rocks - Geology Metamorphic Rocks What are...

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