American History-Federalists V Anti-Federalists

American History-Federalists V Anti-Federalists - Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes Items Covered 1. The Articles of Confederation 2. The Newburgh Conspiracy 3. Governmental Impotence 4. Shays’ Rebellion 5. ConFicting models of republican government-- moral economy v. Capitalist ethos 6. The rati¡cation contest (anit-federalists v. ¢ederalists) 7. Charles Beard Terminology 1. ¢edelists (Hamiltonians)-- National power and centralization 2. Anti-¢ederalists (Jeffersonians/Madisonians)-- States Rights 3. Hamilton’s Customs Proposal 4. Hamilton’s Redemption and Assumption Proposals 5. The Public Debit 6. The National Bank 7. Trickledown Economic and Speical …. 8. Republican Opposition in Congress and in Wshington’s Cabinet 9. The ¢rench Revolution (1789) 10.American Neutrality 11.Citizen Genest 12.Jay’s Treaty 13.The Adams Presidency NOTES • The model of the moral economy tries to limit the market forces (supply and demand) as well as the self-interest of the buyer & seller to subjugate the community…. Market forces should be secondary to community, as well as what May be beset for the buyer and seller…. The idea behind this was that the competition and private pro¡t are injurious for the community (what May be good for me, is bad for “us”)… in order to maintain the character of the community (we stick together), the community steps in to limit private interest…. However, a community is a community because they exclude people. • September 11 th made Americans feel more like a community… what was making a buck on September 10 th became pro¡teering on September 12 th …. The more you feel like a part of the community, the more you are willing to stick to a certain code. American History Notes • Shay’s rebellion-- the western rural economies had a more moral economy while the urban centers in the east were becoming more and more capitalistic…. Westerners felt betrayed by the majority of their community who was in charge of their government. • When you look at the two versions of republicanism, which one (to me) is truer to the concept of republicanism? • In order to protect the government and keep a centralized government in control, there needs to be a certain amount of moral economy… however, capitalism allows more people to succeed (to each man his own) so the little man May fall way behind and the big man, but it is all in competition. • Hamiltonians to the a-moral and Jeffersonians were the moral groups. • Members of congress did not have any inFuence on a local level… they have no power and no jurisdiction. There was so much internal warfare that they were afraid that England could just come back in and take them…. They also feared how weak the government was…. They suspected that lack of money is the root of all evil… when a Gov. is lacking money, it looks for unethical means to get it • March 1785, Washington posted delegates from the legislatures from Maryland and virginia in order to ¡nd peace between them… because of this meetings’ success, a meeting was set up for all the states to discuss differences and...
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American History-Federalists V Anti-Federalists - Notes...

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