History Midterm #1

History Midterm #1 - Midterm #1 Early-American Honors...

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Midterm #1 Early-American Honors Survey Rachel Albright The Glorious Revolution The Glorious Revolution resulted in the dismissal of King James II and the ac- cession of William III and Mary II to the English throne. This “bloodless revolution,” as it was so wrongly labeled, also brought permanent parliamentary power over the monar- chy with the use of the English Bill of Rights. What no one saw then was that this revo- lution provided a model and a path to the eventual liberation of the American colonies in the American Revolution. The Americans recognized that they, technically being English subjects, should have the same liberties stated in the English Bill of Rights and ideal- ized by the Great Awakening. In addition, after the Glorious Revolution, the new consti- tutional monarchs relaxed their supervision of internal colonial affairs and instead fo- cused on defense and trade, which launched a period of salutary neglect. Then, as an attempt to regain some control over the long neglected colonies, parliament established a series of taxation acts, which made the colonist feel that their liberties as English Gen-
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History Midterm #1 - Midterm #1 Early-American Honors...

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