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History Final - Final Rachel Albright Dr. Chet Honors...

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Rachel Albright Dr. Chet Honors Survey 7 May 2008 Long Essay America throughout history, has had a fear of a powerful central government. Ever since the oppression by the British government over the personal religion of its subjects, Americans have attempted to protect themselves from repression by urging that their personal opinion be represented, and that the best way for their opinion to be effective is by taking the power away from the government and straight to the people. This pro- tection of the individual stems from the idea that God gave man the gift to make deci- sions without intervention, so it is his personal right to protect that ability to make deci- sions and have his voice heard. Because of the idea of God-given unalienable rights that were protected by the creation of the Constitution in 1776, the British Government, and later the Federalist party were eventually removed from the American Governmen- tal system. It is because of the religious movements in England that the Americans had such a fear of centralized government. A vast majority of the colonizers were people who felt that at home they were being spiritually oppressed by their government. The English government had regulated its country s religion since the days of the battles between protestantism and catholicism. Because of the zealous nature of these battles, practitioners of the opposing religions were often persecuted. However, with the emergence of the Protestant Revolution came a wave of people who felt that the only way to prevent religious oppression was to Final Albright 1
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remove themselves from the oppressive society and quietly practice their own religion. America provided that needed separatism. And, because most of the oppression came from the ever-shifting practice of governt-controlled religion, most new governmental systems in the new world denounced the practice and encompassed an all-together more tolerant system. Also stemming from the protestant revolution was the idea of man s unalienable rights. This concept that man was granted the ability to make decisions without God s intervention trickled both into people s religion and political ideals. Once Americans recognized that their unalienable rights were being denied to them by the British gov- ernment because it was becoming too controlling, they felt that they needed to change it- because a government who violates the people s God-given rights of freedom of choice is a tyrant. Just like Martin Luther in the Protestant Revolution, the Americans sent a letter of Grievances to the king asking for him to stop taking away their rights. When nothing changed, they had to separate themselves from the oppressor and re-
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History Final - Final Rachel Albright Dr. Chet Honors...

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