report crossing over sordaria

report crossing over sordaria - Crossing over of Sordaria...

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Crossing over of Sordaria fimicola ???? July 24, 2008 TA: ???? Abstract: The general purpose of this experiment was to observe the genetics and crossing over of the gene which controls the color of ascospores (black is wild-type strain, and tan is the mutant strain) in Sordaria fimicola and mapping the gene to figure out whether this gene is more likely to cross over or less likely to cross over. Our methods included crossing over two different strains of this organism and analyzing the resulting ascospores in a compound microscope. We hypothesized that if indeed the two genes cross over, then we should observe various patterns of wild-type and tan ascospores in the asci. The predicted map distance of the gene is 26 map units, so we also performed an analysis of whether or not this prediction of map distance is accurate. We concluded that indeed various patterns of crossing are evident however we rejected the predicted map units of 26. The results were not always consistent with this number. Introduction : The central purpose of this study is to observe crossing over of genes and gene segregation during meiosis and then mapping this gene to understand whether the genes are loosely linked or tightly linked. Understanding the linkage allow us to determine whether crossing over is more likely or less likely (Helms 347). Sordaria fimicola is a specific type of fungus which allows us to observe these patterns. In this study we will observe crossing over of genes which control the color of the ascospores in the asci of Sordaria fimicola. The wild-type strain color is black, represented by + and the mutant strain color is tan, represented by t. There are a total of 8 ascospores for each asci. One of the reasons why we choose this specific
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organism is because the ascospores are haploid, so the phenotype of this gene is equivalent to the genotype (Helms 334). It is important to study and understand the phenomena of crossing over
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report crossing over sordaria - Crossing over of Sordaria...

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