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Canada and the world

Canada and the world - b The rise and fall(and rise of...

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1. Introduction a. Globalization is a promise… i. Citizens of humanity etc. . b. And a threat i. World is controlled by a global hegemony c. Somewhat inevitable, yet heavily opposed d. Not necessarily a new idea: eg Greek / Roman Empires, 2. Globalization a. Defining globalization i. “Globalization is a process where social relations become relatively distanceless and borderless, and the world is experienced as a single place, while production, exchange and consumption become delinked from geography and borders, culture is not fixed in a specific place, and states are limited in how they can protect local culture, living standards and industry.” Laura MacDonald
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Unformatted text preview: b. The rise and fall (and rise) of globalization i. Fate of globalization is tied to its economic results ii. Modern Globalization – trends 1. The 19 th century was “The age of empire” 2. Interwar retreat from globalization 3. Post war revival of regulated globalization 4. Recent free trade globalization iii. Historic resistance to globalization – trends 1. Colonized peoples 2. local oriented economic actors 3. capitalists with a national focus 4. nationalism 5. economic nationalists 6. sots c. The current logic of globalization 3. Political globalization 4. Economic globalization 5. Conclusion...
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