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CHE 102/114 Summer 2008 Lab Notes Page 1 CHEMISTRY 102/114 LABORATORY NOTES SUMMER 2008 WEAR YOUR SAFETY GLASSES AT ALL TIMES WHEN WORKING IN THE LABORATORY AND WHEN CHECKING ITEMS FROM THE STOCKROOM GENERAL NOTES FOR ALL EXPERIMENTS: 1. Read the experiment of the day before coming to recitation-lab. For many experiments you will be required to answer one or two pre-lab questions. The responses to these pre-lab questions are due in writing at the beginning of the recitation period on the day the experiment is scheduled for your lab section. This is the only time they will be accepted for credit. 2. For each experiment it is required that you write out a flow chart in DUPLICATE outlining the steps and masses to be used in the experiment. One copy of the flow chart must be turned in to your lab instructor at the beginning of pre-lab, the second copy you must retain and refer to during the pre-lab instruction and conduct of the experiment. 3. Record all data taken during the laboratory experiment directly into your lab manual on the DATA page as you conduct the experiment. 4. During the lab period your lab instructor will distribute a duplicate DATA sheet. Complete this form and return it to your lab instructor before you leave the laboratory. Failure to hand in a DATA sheet at the conclusion of the lab will negate the grading of your lab report. All data on the data sheet must MATCH the data in your lab report! If data does not match, you will receive a lab grade equal to minus the point value of the experiment for the first offense and minus 100 points for a second offense. 5. The following equipment must be shared throughout the semester and must be returned to its proper location at the end of each lab period: Burets - return to stockroom before it closes. Büchner funnels - return to stockroom before it closes. Leveling bulbs - return to stockroom before it closes. Buret clamps - leave on top of the laboratory hood. Rubber tubing - leave on top of the laboratory hood. Bunsen burners - Place on shelf marked "For Bunsen burners". Tripods - Place on shelf marked "For Tripods". Ringstands - Place on shelf marked "For ringstands". Your assistance in returning each of the above items to their proper location will insure this equipment will be available for your use the next lab period. 6. For experiments which involve an unknown sample, record the unknown number in the Data Section of your lab report immediately after you receive it. In addition record it on the duplicate data sheet. You will usually find the unknown number written on the cork. 7. To receive credit for a lab report you must: a ) Submit your answers to the pre-lab question(s) and flow chart at the beginning of pre-lab on the day experiment is conducted b ) Work individually on all parts of the experiment.
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This note was uploaded on 08/19/2008 for the course CHE 102 taught by Professor Watson during the Summer '08 term at SUNY Buffalo.

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C102Su08LabNotes - CHEMISTRY 102/114 LABORATORY NOTES...

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