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Lab #6: Plant Diversity II: Seed plants The purpose of the experiment is to understand biological classification of plants by observing the distinction between different plant phyla. The taxonomy within a given phylum is also examined by looking at the difference of composition between species of the same phylum. In this experiment the Coniferophyta, which include the conifers, and Anthophyta, which include the flowering plants are to be studied. They are both characterized by their “seed habit.”
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Unformatted text preview: The phylum Coniferophyta refers to plants including pines. This experiment will focus on understanding the sporagia in cones. The pine branch occupied by pollen and ovulate cones will be observed. The phylum Anthophyta refers to the flowering plants. Though the seed habit of Anthophyta resembles that of Coniferophyta, the ovules of the former are completely enveloped by sporophytic tissue. This experiment will focus on ovules enclosed within the ovary which develops into a fruit....
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