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Midterm Information The midterm is a closed-book exam: no books, notes, or calculators are allowed. Bring your own paper to use for scrap work. Unless you never make mistakes, you may prefer to use a pencil rather than ink: in that case, bring several extra pencils or a pencil sharpener. The instructions at the beginning of the assignments had you study the first five chapters of the textbook except for Section 5.5, and most of Appendix B. These are the parts of the book that you are responsible for on the midterm. When a better way of doing something was shown in class (for example, summing a geometric progression or remembering the Master Theorem), you should learn that way instead of the textbook’s way. Of particular importance are the homework problems: you should understand how to do them and you should have studied the solutions that were posted in ANGEL. Here are a few practice problems. 1. Without looking at the textbook or the homework solutions, write a recursive program in pseudocode to count the number of leaves in a binary tree. Then compare your answer to the program given on the homework
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