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CSE 465 SOLUTIONS TO ASSIGNMENT 4 Spring 2008 This assignment is worth a total of 50 points. 1. [no points] Exercises 5.1.5 and 5.1.7 on page 163. Exercise 5.1.5 In the pseudocode for insertion sort on page 161, the test condition in the while -loop is j 0 and A [ j ] >v . To eliminate the in-bound condition j 0, we must be sure that the second part of the test condition stops the loop when we go past the beginning of the data, so the sentinel value must fail the test of being greater than v , i.e,, it must be less than or equal to v , which means that the sentinel must be at least as small as all of the data. (In pseudocode, one would simply write -∞ for this value. For the way to achieve this in C++, see the answer to Problem 4 on the last assignment. In C++, one would also need to store the data starting at index 1, so that index 0 could be used for the sentinel.) Shortening the test this way just speeds up the code by a very small percentage; it does not change the efficiency class. Exercise 5.1.7 The version of insertion sort that uses swaps makes the same number of key comparisons, and its running time will be in the same efficiency class in terms of Θ-notation. However, it will be a bit slower because, even if the swap procedure is coded in-line, swap will still use two data transfers each time. (The original code only used one each time, plus one at the beginning and one at the end. It also used fewer array accesses.)
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solutionHW#4 - CSE 465 SOLUTIONS TO ASSIGNMENT 4 This...

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