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Period 6 September 4, 2007 “But No Elephants” Personal Essay My interpretation of “But No Elephants” has always been straightforward: A nice man wishes to sell an old woman an elephant, but the woman, clearly too old and cranky to desire to care for an elephant, repeatedly declines his sales pitch, opting instead to buy animal after animal, each time refusing the poor elephant. I remember waiting anxiously each read for Grandma Tildy to finally accept the elephant, her heart warming as she saw him standing out in the snow. To me, Grandma was the villain: uncaring and unwilling to open her home to an animal in need. I immediately selected “But No Elephants” to bring to class, thinking of cold, old Grandma Tildy refusing the nice pet man’s offering and expecting to be just as . But now I was a bit annoyed at the audacity of this pet salesman- to come by everyday and ask a small, fragile lady to buy an elephant? Who was this man to be pestering this nice woman day in and day out. And what was he there for- only to make a quick buck off a gullible,
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