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Unformatted text preview: APUSH Kaplan March 16, 2007 Hofstadter: Part IV Imperialism and War Doc. 1. According to Strong, the promise of America is to house the most superior race of all time, the Anglo-Saxons, who will develop the country into an imperial nation. Strong claims that because there is no more land to expand west into as civilization had always done in the past, a new era has begun. He feels that one nation is destined to become the most powerful by the process of natural selection, where the strongest survive. Strong says that Americans’ characteristic energy that has allowed them to form the U.S. and make it the most prosperous nation in the world will allow the country to push itself onto other countries and become an imperial nation. I think the main selling points of a country should be its ability to provide for its people and its wealth, not necessarily conquering every other country it can. Wealth and a country’s ability to provide for its people often depend on that country being an imperial...
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