philosophy paper part 3

philosophy paper part 3 - Part Three Inherent in the...

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Part Three Inherent in the question of whether there is one true God is whether that God cares if we believe in him. If he does, it would be beneficial to believe in him, but is it detrimental to not believe? In Blaise Pascal’s book Pensees, he offers support for the existence of the Christian God. In his essay The Wager , Pascal discusses the benefit of choosing a God rather than choosing not to believe in anything. He first likens the belief in an infinite being to the belief in an infinite number, reasoning that we know there is an infinity in number, but we do not know what it is. It cannot be even or odd, but we know that every finite number that we can name is odd or even. So we know that infinity exists, but it is out of our realm of comprehension. Pascal writes, “So we may well know that there is a God without knowing what He is. Is there not one substantial truth, seeing there are so many things which are not the truth itself?” Pascal establishes that there is a God by this logic, saying God is not an impossibility just as infinity is not. We just cannot know God’s form because we have not yet been exposed to it. He then reasons that there is “one substantial truth,” because we can name every object on earth, none of which can be labeled “truth” to human existence alone. This is where Pascal asks us to take a leap of faith. He says humanity must have faith in God as they have faith in infinity, and believe that someday God’s form will be revealed to us. Humanity cannot decide what God looks like because we have no affinity to Him. Pascal then asserts that asking for Christians to give reason for their beliefs is defeating the purpose of Christianity. The premise of Christianity, and most religions, is to take a leap of
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philosophy paper part 3 - Part Three Inherent in the...

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