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final god of small things

final god of small things - Period 6 Part One Essay Two...

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Period 6 January 24, 2008 Part One Essay Two: Understanding Okonkwo’s death in Things Fall Apart “Unlike the custom of rampaging religious mobs or conquering armies running riot, that morning in the Heart of Darkness the posse of Touchable Policemen acted with economy, not frenzy. Efficiency, not anarchy. Responsibility, not hysteria. They didn’t tear out his hair or burn him alive. They didn’t hack off his genitals and stuff them in his mouth. They didn’t rape him. Or behead him. After all they were not battling an epidemic. They were merely inoculating a community against an outbreak” (293). When I first examined this scene, I saw tradition—whether it is religion or the boundaries of the Caste System—as a guiding force in the characters’ life philosophies. The policemen who beat Velutha are not vicious, but cold, described as “history’s henchmen,” meaning they only carry out what thousands of years of history have molded their roles to be. People conform
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