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Chapter Test Review - 8 Ch 6 Adapting to the Audience 8...

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Chapter Test Review Ch.1 Practical Speaking 1) How will public speaking be useful to your career goals? Ch. 2 Your First Speech 2) Delivery styles a. Manuscript b. Memorize c. Impromptu d. Extemporaneous 3) What is the best style for a particular kind of speech? a. Situational b. Demographic Ch. 3 Managing Speech Anxiety 4) Reasons why people are anxious a. Pessimistic b. Unprepared 5) How can you reduce speech anxiety? a. Prepare b. Focus on an interesting topic c. Ch. 4 Ethics 6) Give an example of a respectful use of language necessary when addressing a group in a formal environment. a. Courteous introduction: “Ladies and Gentlemen” 7) Recommendations for proper language: a. No cursing b. Gender neutrality c. No age/race Ch. 5 Listening
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Unformatted text preview: 8) Ch. 6 Adapting to the Audience 8) People who speak in public: a. Short Term: get a good grade b. Long Term: run for public office Ch. 7 Rhetorical Situation 9) Rhetorical Situation: Some event that requires utterance 10) How people use language and how it affects those around them 11) pg. 85 = special issues for speakers a. How is plagiarism a consideration for public speakers? 12) Question about my own presentation skills. a. How can note cards aid in improved eye contact? 13) Organization: General Purpose-4 ingredients of a successful introduction: 1. Startle the audience 2. Reveal topic 3. Establish credibility 4. Preview body...
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Chapter Test Review - 8 Ch 6 Adapting to the Audience 8...

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