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Mysterious Party-Thrower Found Dead Just at the summer comes to a close, long-time party-thrower and mystery man Jay Gatsby, or James Gatz as listed on his birth certificate, was found murdered in his own pool. The suspect, George Wilson, who is believed to have committed suicide shortly after killing Gatsby, owned a garage in the Valley of Ashes. A car had recently fatally hit his wife, but a connection between the deaths has yet to be made. Much of New York is shocked over Gatsby’s death, and many are left wondering how to fill their social calendars without Gatsby’s famous over-the-top social gatherings. Verifiable details of Gatsby’s life are scarce, as most barely knew him, but many have weighed in on possibilities for his murder. “It was probably a drug deal gone wrong or something,” two young women clad in yellow said. “I remember what my sister told me at a party once: ‘You look at him
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Unformatted text preview: sometime when he thinks nobody’s looking at him. I’ll bet he killed a man’(48).” Gatsby is believed to have begun his outlandish parties when he first arrived in New York just a few years ago. He has a reputation for displaying extreme hospitality to guests he barely knows. His motives, however, remained largely uncertain to the time of his death. One man, Gatsby’s next-door neighbor Nick Carraway, claims to know There have been several claims that Gatsby was obsessed with one thing-or, rather, person: Daisy Buchanan of East Egg, who did not return phone calls to the Enquirer. Close friends of Ms. Buchanan felt she was Editorial: Is the American Dream Possible? The Advertisement: Lighting, available only in green Real estate listing: East Egg house- cannot guarantee Gatsby’s house-...
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