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APUSH Kaplan March 19, 2007 Chapter 23 Outline of pp. 667-684 I. The Republican Roosevelt A. Busting the Trusts 1. Roosevelt was young, non-isolationist President, believing the presidency to be a “bully pulpit,” a forum for ideas for the nation 2. Roosevelt pledged to control “bad” trusts and protect “good” trusts, believing large-scale production to be natural and beneficial a. Created Bureau of Corporations to eliminate corporate abuse b. 1902-Ordered Justice Department to sue Northern Securities Company for violation of Sherman Anti-Trust Act i. 1904- Supreme Court dissolved company, Roosevelt initiated more anti-trust suits c. Roosevelt inconsistent in policies because of political contributions from large companies, used threats more than actual lawsuits B. “Square Deal” in the Coalfields 1. Anthracite Coal Strike(1902)- 140,000 miners walked off the job when coal company refused union wage increases, eight-hour workday 2. Coal prices rose and Roosevelt intervened when the company wouldn’t negotiate. a. Roosevelt threatened to seize mines; companies agreed to negotiate with labor in campaign b. Roosevelt called this the “Square Deal” 3. Roosevelt saw government as broker between powerful elements in society- impartial to labor or corporation II. Roosevelt Progressivism at its Height A. Regulating the Railroads 1. Roosevelt wanted to empower Interstate Commerce Commission 2. Robert M. La Follette urged federal action for a strong railroad measure 3. Roosevelt passed Hepburn Act (1906), strengthening rate-
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outline chapter 23 - APUSH Kaplan Chapter 23 Outline of pp...

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