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thomas nast speech - could not find out about Tweed’s...

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The student who I support is Thomas Nast, a political cartoonist who used symbols in his cartoons to convey complicated political messages to the masses. Nast has shown himself to be one of the most ethical men of our time by standing by his principles and focusing on fighting corruption in many of his cartoons at a time when it would have been much easier to remain silent. The crowning achievement of Nast’s career has been his crusade against the Tweed Ring, a scandal in New York City centered around William Tweed. Tweed was a corrupt politician whose voting base was immigrants, most of whom could not read and therefore
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Unformatted text preview: could not find out about Tweed’s corruption from the newspapers. What the immigrants could understand were pictures, and Tweed was able to take the scandal and convey what was happening in his cartoons. The public as a whole became aware of the scandal and their continued interest, which eventually led to Tweed’s demise, was due in large part to Nast’s continued cartoons. Nast showed his courage and his love for this country by challenging the most powerful man in New York City in order to do what was right by the people, and he therefore deserves a spot at United States University....
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